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GrabFood Multi Price Arrangement
GrabFood Multi Price Arrangement

In this article, you will learn how to Multi Price your outlet on GrabFood.

Written by Cheah
Updated over a week ago

The multi-price in the GrabFood add-on is intended to provide different prices for each outlet that you have through GrabFood.

GrabFood Multi Price is only valid for those of you who already have a GrabFood add-on in your iSeller account. If not, you can see the guide here.

To start setting up GrabFood Multi Price, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Please select the Catalog menu > Listings sub menu.

Step 2: Select the Listing Product for which you want to differentiate the price.

Then in the general information of the product, select show price per outlet and specify the price you want per each outlet.

After setting the price, select save in the upper right corner to save the price changes.

Prices will be automatically changed at each sales outlet on your GrabFood application.

However, if you don't want to change the price per outlet, then the product prices on Grab Food will follow the main price for all outlets. The price at your outlet will automatically match the main price, without the need to change it in the show price per outlet column.

For example, the Sate Taichan Crispy product at the Bekasi Branch will automatically follow the main price of Rp. 3,500, even though the outlet price is emptied.

Pengaturan GrabFood Multi Price sudah selesai.

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