GrabFood Integration

Learn about the integration add-on between GrabFood and iSeller along with its features.

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Now, iSeller has provided integration with one of renown online sales channel, i.e., GrabFood. With the integration, you can receive and manage GrabFood orders from iSeller POS real time. You can also manage and publish product and price lists from one interface.

By activating the GrabFood add-on, you will get several benefits and integration features.

  • Add and Manage Products : Manage products you want to sell on GrabFood. Starting from adding products to changing prices can be done easily directly from your iSeller web admin.

  • Centralized Inventory : Inventory data will be centrally synchronized so you can manage product and material stock more easily.

  • Ingredients Management : Aside from product management, iSeller also supports ingredients management.

  • Centralized Sales Report : All transactions from GrabFood will be synchronized and recorded centrally in sales reports. Thus, you can manage your business more safely.

  • Multi-Outlet Support : You can add and manage all outlets without hassle.

  • Monitor Orders Directly from Mobile : You can monitor orders and transactions from GrabFood directly from your cellphone. That way you no longer need to supervise at the restaurant.

To integrate iSeller with GrabFood, please read the Step 1: Outlet Mapping article.

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