Redeem Credit Points

In this article, you will learn how to redeem Credit Points for Subscription or Add-On purchases on iSeller.

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Before learning how to redeem credit points, you need to know what kind of account conditions can get credit. Here are the conditions:

  • The email used in your iSeller account must be verified. If not, the credit points that you have earned cannot be used. You can verify your E-mail account with the steps here.

  • Credit Points can only be earned at the first store you create. If you create another store with the same phone number or E-mail address as the first store, then the credit points are only valid for the first store, while the second store does not get it because it uses the same phone or E-mail address.

  • You create an iSeller account for your store independently without any help from iSeller staff.

If you understand the terms, you can exchange credit points with the following steps

Step 1: On the Earn Credit page, the amount of credit you have earned will be listed. To use the credit, please enter the amount of credit you want to exchange in Use Credits, then press Apply Credit.

When you first enter the amount of credit in Use Credits, the maximum redemption is 60% of the total credit you have earned.

When the credit has been exchanged, the display is as follows.

Step 2: To make a subscription purchase using the credit points that have been redeemed, please click Menu Settings, then click Account and click Select Plan.

Step 3: Choose which subscription plan you want to do. After the package is selected, a Payment Method option will appear that you can choose. Please select one of the payment methods and don't forget to check the 2 conditions to continue the confirmation.

The Credit Points that you have previously redeemed will be automatically applied via the coupon code, so that your subscription package payment is automatically reduced. If Step 3 is complete, then please click Confirm.

Step 4: The invoice will appear automatically. Then select one of the Payment Methods you want.

Then a proof of payment confirmation will appear as follows. Please make a payment immediately to activate your subscription package at iSeller.

When the payment has been made, the subscription package you selected can already be applied to your iSeller account.

In addition to the subscription package, you can also redeem credit points to purchase:

  • Add-On, please visit here for the steps.

  • Additional Register, please visit here for the steps.

  • Upgrade Plans, please visit here for the steps.

If you want to exchange credit points for these items, in the same way, the amount you have to pay to purchase the item will be automatically deducted from the credit points that you have redeemed. Next, you can make a payment and the item can be applied to your iSeller account.

How to redeem Credit Points on Subscription and Add-On Purchases has been completed.

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