Introduction to Earn Credit

In this article, you can learn about Earn Credits introduction and how to get them.

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Earn Credit is one of the benefit features that can be used by those of you who are already registered or have just registered with iSeller independently. Earn Credit can be done by accumulating points in some of the tasks that you need to do. When you get Earn Credit, you can use it to subscribe to iSeller for free using the credit points that you have collected.

To enter the Earn Credit feature, please go to the Earn Credit menu in the lower left corner of your dashboard

On the Earn Credits page, you can find some of the tasks you need to do to earn credit points. However, for those of you who registered with iSeller before June 2021, only the Refer iSeller to friends task will appear on your Earn Credit page.

As for those of you who register for an account at iSeller after June 2021, here are the tasks that you can complete

You can see an explanation of each task here.

After completing tasks to earn Credits, you can also exchange these Credits to buy Add-Ons or Subscribe on iSeller. You can see a more complete explanation for redeeming credit points here.

In addition, you can see an explanation regarding the Earn Credit feature via video

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