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Managing Shopee Listings (Visibility, Add, Edit, Publish)
Managing Shopee Listings (Visibility, Add, Edit, Publish)

Learn about the listing settings of Shopee to understand how to set category, variant, wholesale price, and delivery for your store.

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In the article titled Introduction to Listing, you have been explained the concept of listing along with how to add or change it.

In this article, we will explain how to add and manage a listing specifically for Shopee.

Please select Shopee in the Marketplaces category as shown below.

To change Shopee's product listing, please go to the Listings page then click on an existing listing product to enter the product listing settings page.

To add a new Shopee product listing, click the Add Product button on the top right corner, then you will be immediately taken to the product listing settings page.

Each listing view has statuses which will be explained in the section below.

  • Figure 1: This image indicates the listing that you created is connected to the product.

  • Figure 2: This image indicates that your listing has been published.

  • Figure 3: This image indicates that there are incomplete pieces of information on your listing, or that your listing is wrong.

  • Figure 4: This image indicates that your listing has been modified but has not been published on the marketplace platform.

Listing Settings

General information

In this panel, you can fill in general information about your product listing.

  • Listing Title: The name of the product listing that you wish to create.

  • Quantity: The number of quantity you want Shopee to display

  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU): The SKU number of a listing product that you want to create.

  • Product Listing Link: Information about product listing whether it has already linked to existing products. For more details about linking listings to products, you can read about it in the article Linking Listings to Products.

  • Description: Information to describe your product listing. If this column is left blank, it will use information from the linked product.

  • Price: The price of your listing. If this column is left blank, it will use the price of the connected product. Price Book settings will be applied automatically in this column.

  • Image: Please select a file or drag an image file for your product listing.


In this panel, you can select the suitable product category for the product you want to create.

Please click the pencil logo, to start choosing a category for your product. Then, a pop-up page will appear for you like the following image.


In this panel, you can determine whether the listing product you want to create has a variant. Please click This product has a variant to determine the variant of your listing product.

  • Option: A choice of variants of the product, for example, size, color, taste, etc. To put it simply, Options group variant values.

  • Value: The value owned by the variant options. If the variant option is Color, then the value of the variant is Red, Green, White, etc. If the variant option is size, then the values โ€‹โ€‹of the variant are S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc. EVERY VARIANT VALUE IS SEPARATED BY A COMMA (,).

  • Trash button: Serves to delete unused variants.

  • Add Variant button: This button is used if the product has more than one variant option

Wholesale price

In this panel, you can manage the purchase or sale of products in bulk. With this feature, your customers can enjoy lower prices when shopping for products in bulk. At the same time, you can encourage sales by offering discounts for these bulk products.

You can set the wholesale price by filling in the Minimum Order, Maximum Order, and Unit Price fields.

  • Minimum Order: Minimum wholesale quantity to be purchased.

  • Maximum Order: The maximum wholesale quantity to be purchased.

  • Unit Price: Price per unit for the minimum and maximum of the order.

After setting the wholesale price, make sure that you have entered a lower unit price for each price option if the Min / Max Qty for that product is greater.

Example :

If you set the Unit Price: Rp99.000.- for the number of product purchases between 2 - 5 pcs (Min-Max Qty), then you must set a lower Unit Price for the purchase of products above 2 - 5 pcs.



In this panel, you can specify the shipping method available for the listing you wish to create.

Please specify product weight settings, you write down your product weight in the Weight column. Then select the Weight Unit in the Unit column. Then, determine the package size from your listing by filling in the length, width, and height in the specified column. Finally, determine which shipments are supported for the listing. The delivery couriers that appear are the shipping courier that you have activated in your Shopee store account.

After you have made modifications on Shopee Listing, you can click Save to edit it later or click Save and Publish if want your listing product to be published directly to Shopee.

If you click Save and Publish, your listing status will change from Draft to Published as shown below, which means that your listing has appeared in Shopee.

After you understand how to manage Shopee listings such as adding, modifying, and publishing, you can learn how to start selling on Shopee in the article Step 1: Connect iSeller Store to Shopee Store.

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