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Product Introduction
Product Introduction

This article helps you familiarize yourself with the Product module and the basic product management features.

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Before you start selling with iSeller either via POS or online stores, the first step you need to do is to enter all the data in relation to the product which you want to sell it. In the Product module, you can check a list of products including their prices and inventory, add or edit products, deactivate products, import and export, and more.

Product Page Title

On the Product Page Title, you can do things like:

  • Import : Enter a large number of products using CSV or Excel with the template provided.

  • Export : Export all or part of your products which you can reprocess the data which has been converted into CSV data.

  • Add Product : Add new products to the list of products that you have.

Main Section of Product Page

The main part of the product page allows you to see a list of all your products, search for specific products, and filter / filter the list of products that you want to search.

In the title of the table, you can see explanations such as: Name, Inventory, Price, Type, Vendor and Active. You can click the title of this table to sort or sort items according to the alphabet / the numbers from small to large and vice versa.

The following is a simple explanation:

  • Name: The name of the product that you own

  • Inventory: The amount of stock has been recorded, if there are no numbers, it means you have not activated the Track Inventory with iSeller feature.

  • Price: Price of the product.

  • Type: Type of the product, same type of the Products will have the same color on the POS display.

  • Vendor: the name of the supplier or vendor where you got the item from them.

  • Active: Status of the product. If it is deactivated, then the product will not be visible on your POS and Online Stores.

Search for Products

To search for a specific product, please write the name of the product you want to search into the red box, then the iSeller system will automatically sort the list of products that you are looking for.

Filter Products

By default iSeller provides three types of initial product filtering namely Active, Inactive and All Products.

If you want to filter your product list, please click on the funnel icon located at the top left of the main product page, then you will find various types of filtering products that we have provided.

There are a total of 6 types of filtering that you can do to your product list:

  • Is Active: The method of filtering the product lists is based on the status of the product, whether active or inactive.

  • Visibility: The method of filtering the product lists is based on the visibility (online shop or POS) of the product.

  • Outlet: The method of filtering the product lists is based on the location of the outlet where the product is displayed (product visibility at a particular outlet).

  • Product Type: The method of filtering the product product list is based on the type of product that has been registered.

  • Vendor: The method of filtering the product lists is based on the vendor or supplier of the product.

  • Tags: The method of filtering the product lists is based on the tags that are linked to the product.

After you choose the filtering method, you will find the filtering form as follows:

After selecting the column to filter (in this example, the Product Type ), please fill in the operator and value fields with an explanation as follows:

  • Operator: The way in which the product will be filtered, in this example the operator is selected as Is.

  • Value: The value of the product you want to filter, in this example the Value is selected as Accessories.

After all are entered, please click Add Filter then the results of the Product Filter will be shown as below:

Store Product Filtering Results

The results of the filtering that you have done can be saved for later use. Just click the My Filter button to save the filter results. If confused, please see the image below.

You can simply enter the Name of the Product Filter Results and press the Save button then the results of your product filtering have been saved.

You can access every filtering result of your product by clicking the More icon located to the right beside the My Filter button.

Additional Product Module Functions

In the Product Page Title section, you can also print labels in the form of bar-codes or QR codes. Please click the More icon then click Print Labels.

Then the Print Labels settings page will appear where you can set the label you want to print.

Barcodes are used to facilitate by retail businesses to find goods through scanning using a Barcode Scanner. Here are some explanations that you will see if you want to print barcode labels.

  • What to print: The type of label you will print, to print the product label please select Product Label. To print the QR Code label, please select the Online Payment Label.

  • Label Size: The size of the barcode label that you want to print.

  • Fill Entire Sheet: If enabled, it will print horizontally in sequence.

  • Show Barcode: If activated, it will display the Barcode view with the condition according to the Product form which has been filled before.

  • Duplicate : The number of duplicates you will print.

  • Show Name: If activated, it will display the name of the product on the barcode label.

  • Show Price: When activated, it will display the price of the product on the barcode label.

  • Show SKU: If activated, it will display the SKU of the product on the barcode label.

If you want to print a QR Code, please change the Product Label to an Online payment label (commonly used for digital payments), then the new look you will see as follows.

Additional Features - Checklist

iSeller also provides an additional checklist feature in this module, which is when you check the available data, additional features will appear that can help you more quickly in data processing.

When you have done the checklist, additional functions will appear at the top.

  • Deactivate: This feature will deactivate all your checklist from the product lists. If those products from the product list is deactivated, the product will not appear in the POS or online store.

  • Set Visible: This feature will display the products that you have done the checklist . You can determine the products whether appear at checkout POS /online store / checkout POS and All outlets,

  • Set Sold Out Strategy: This feature allows us to set the sold out product strategy. This feature has 2 strategic methods, which are Continue Selling, which will be used if you want to continue selling products when the product is out of stock and Stop Selling, which will be used if you do not want to continue selling products when the product is out of stock,

  • Set Alert at Stock: This feature will display a notification that your product stock will be expired immediately at the time of checkout POS or an online store,

  • Delete: This feature will delete all your checklist from the product lists. Data that has been deleted can not be restored it again, if you want to temporarily turn off, please select the deactivate feature.

  • Print Labels : This feature can print labels on your product. Labels can be printed either label product or label online payment.

The next step

In this article, you are familiar with the basic functions and outlines of the Product module on iSeller. Next, you can learn more about the concepts and types of products supported by iSeller, and start adding or importing your product data. Please click on Product Settings for the next step.

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