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Introduction to Multi Tenancy
Introduction to Multi Tenancy

In this article, you can learn about the Tenants menu along with its features

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In the Multi Tenancy article, you have learned that this add-on is useful for converting one brand of your online store into a multi-tenant / multi-brand online shop.

Therefore, this article will explain the Tenants menu as well as the feature inside the page. Click the Tenant menu, then you will find a screen similar to the following image.

Main Section of Tenants

On the main page, you will see a list of tenants that you have created. Here's how it looks:

In the tenant list, we can see several columns such as:

  • Name: The name of the tenant.

  • Email: The email of the tenant.

  • Phone: The phone number of the tenant.

  • Address: The address of the tenant.

  • Active: The status of the tenant. If disabled, the tenant will not appear on your online shop.

Looking for Tenant

To find a specific tenant, please write the name of the tenant you want to look for in the red box, then the iSeller system will automatically sort out the tenant list that has that name.

Tenant Filtering

If you want to filter your tenant list, click on the funnel logo at the top left of the main tenant page, then you will find the tenant screening types that we have provided.

You can filter customers in several ways such as:

  • City: Filtering tenant list according to the city the tenant located.

  • Country: Filtering the tenant list according to the country the tenant located.

  • Register Availability: Screening of tenant lists based on register availability on each tenant.

  • Outlet Type: Filtering the tenant list by outlet type: Sales Outlet / Pickup Point / Warehouse.

Saving Tenant Filtering Results

The results of the filtering can be saved for future use. Just click the My Filter button to save the filter results as shown below.

You only need to enter the name of the tenant filter results and press the Save button.

You can access each of your tenant filter results by clicking on the Three Dots logo at the top right of the Main Tenant Section .

Adding New Tenant

To add a new tenant, simply click the Add Tenant button at the top right as shown below.

To find out more about adding tenants, please read the Main Features (Add / Change Tenancy) article.

Additional Feature - Checklist

iSeller also provides an additional checklist feature in this page. You can tick the available data then additional features will appear.

The additional function will appear on the dot logo at the top.

  • Activate: This feature will activate all the tenant lists that you have ticked. If the tenant is active, the tenant will appear in your online shop.

  • Non-activate: This feature will disable all tenant list that you have ticked . If the tenant is inactive, the tenant will not appear in your online shop.

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