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Multi Outlet Delivery Settings

Learn the Multi Outlet Delivery setting and its appearance on your online store checkout page.

Written by Cheah
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Delivery Multi Outlet allows your customers to choose from which outlets they wish to make purchases during the payment process.

To activate the Delivery Multi Outlet feature on your online shop, please go to the Settings menu then the Shipping sub menu.

Then, please activate this feature by sliding the button on the Enable Multi Outlet Delivery option as shown below.

The list of outlets that appears in this setting is the outlets that you have added to the Outlet Settings. Make sure the outlets you want to appear are outlets whose outlet type has been set as Sales Outlet, then make sure that the address and telephone number have been filled in so that they appear on the checkout page.

Result of Multi Outlet Delivery Arrangement

The outlets that you have specified in the Delivery Multi Outlet settings will appear on the checkout page as shown below.

On this page, your online shop customers can freely choose from which outlets they want their goods delivered. The order of outlets that appears is based on outlets that are close to your customer's destination address.

If your customer wants to select another delivery outlet but it does not appear on the checkout page, then your customer can select another outlet by clicking the Select another location button, then a pop up page will appear as shown below.

If your customer has selected another outlet on the page like the one above, then that outlet will appear on the checkout page as shown below.

After your customer has chosen which outlet they want as a delivery outlet, then your customer only has to choose the shipping method and the desired payment method to complete the transaction at your online shop.

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