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Customer Payment Settings (Online)
Customer Payment Settings (Online)

An explanation of how to set customer loyalty points in your online shop.

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Customer payment settings are specific to customers who have registered in your iSeller web admin system. To register a customer please see the article Add / Change Customer.

To access customer payment settings, please click the Settings menu then the Payments sub-menu and after that point to the Online Store panel and see the marked section as shown below.

Loyalty Points

This feature allows customers to pay in exchange for their loyalty points . Loyalty points are earned from every customer making a transaction at your store. To manage your loyalty point income for each of your transactions, please read Loyalty Points Activation.

The following shows the number of loyalty points that customers have on the payment method selection page at the Online Store.

Your customers can exchange their loyalty points as a payment method for this transaction by clicking on the Loyalty Point icon as shown above.

Then a pop-up page will appear as shown below.

Your customers can enter the number of points that you want to redeem in the options that we have provided and there is also information on the maximum amount available that your customers can redeem. The maximum number of points is the number of points your current customer has.

If your customer has entered the number of points you want to exchange, there will be information like the following image.

Then your customer only needs to click the Apply button to agree to the points as the payment method for the transaction.

The points that have been redeemed by your customer will deduct the total spending on the transaction as shown below.

The number of loyalty points that your customer has exchanged as a payment method for the transaction, the nominal discounted payment will be in accordance with the settings that you have set in the Exchange Loyalty Point in your shop.

After that your customers just choose one of the payment methods you have activated in your online store to complete the transaction.

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