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What's New in iSeller 2
What's New in iSeller 2

Learn about the improvisation and new features obtained by updating to iSeller 2.

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

iSeller had just released iSeller Version 2 (iSeller 2). iSeller 2 itself is a major upgrade of the iSeller POS application that focuses on improving performance and scalability of infrastructure so that it is able to process millions of transactions in near real-time.

iSeller is now equip with more features to support the franchise business such as Digital Payment Acceptance, Integrated Inventory, Stock Transfer Management, Outlet Grouping, Price Book, and many more. These features will greatly facilitate the management of a franchise business with many outlets.

Some of the updates made in iSeller 2 are as follows:

10x Faster Performance

iSeller 2 is now much lighter than the previous version. This improvement expand the deployment of iSeller POS to be run with any device, whether the devices comes with high end or low end specification, iSeller can be run on both very smoothly. 

The speed of data processing has also been increased so that it stays smooth even though transaction volume at your store is very high. 10x faster performance so that the iSeller 2 is able to process 3 thousand transactions per minute. The checkout process has also become much faster with auto-complete orders, thereby reducing the extra process that had been using so far.

One Tap Checkout

With this new version, merchants can make transactions even quicker with high volume and from hundreds of outlets simultaneously, including cash and digital payment transactions.

Reliable Cloud Sync

iSeller 2 is a cloud based POS system with scalability computing power. Therefore it can still be lightweight on various devices with a high level of speed, stability and availability.

Sync Status

It only takes a tap to check synchronization status. Now you can easily and quickly see the sync status in the iSeller Cloud section.

If there are orders yet to synchronize to cloud, you can immediately review them with one tap in the new simple and user friendly UI. You can press the Retry button to attempt again to sync your data to cloud. To see which orders have not been synchronized, just press on the Details button. 

Then you will be able to see a list orders that have not been synchronized as shown below.

Another way to check the sync status is in the Orders page which has also been enhanced to support the new user experience in sync concept, where an "information bar" will appear when there are orders that have not yet been synced. 

In addition, in the order status now there will also be an indicator "Not synced to iSeller Cloud" for orders that have not been synchronized.

Modern UI Redesigned

iSeller 2 also comes with a user interface and user experience that is designed to be more modern, simple and attractive so that it is very easy for merchant sales.

Cart Management

Specifically for iSeller POS Retail, now Cart Management supports real time fetching from iSeller Cloud with 10x faster performance than before. 

To see the draft order in your store, please click on the three dots button at the upper right corner then click the Retrieve Cart button.

This is an example when there are draft orders stored in one register, then another register will automatically find the draft order in another register. This feature is very useful for large retail stores that use multiple registers for order taking, while payment remains at the main POS.

Open Orders

Especially for iSeller POS F&B, now the main page interface has been completely updated. Access to Table and Menu can be done instantly and centrally with one tap.

Access to Open Bill is now easier with one tap by pressing the Bill button from the main toolbar. This new UI dialog allows you to choose orders more quickly and easily, and it comes with an extensive search and display functions.

QRIS Digital Payment

iSeller v2 now supports the QRIS payment system which will make process of receiving digital payments much more simpler, where one QR code is able to accept all digital wallets such as GO-PAY, OVO, DANA, BCA, ShopeePay, LinkAja! and much more.

To learn how to activate iSeller Pay QRIS to the exclusive cashback program that you get from iSeller Pay QRIS, you can read about the article Payment Settings with iSeller Pay QRIS.

Update your iSeller POS application now to get an update to iSeller 2 features on the Google Play Store.

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