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Payment arrangements with iSeller Pay QRIS
Payment arrangements with iSeller Pay QRIS

Learn how to activate and receive payments with iSeller Pay QRIS.

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As of 1 January 2020, Bank Indonesia has stipulated that all non-cash payments must use QRIS. QRIS itself stands for Indonesian Standard Quick Response (QR) code. In brief, this QRIS system can be described with all digital wallet payments (Go-Pay, FUNDS, etc.) in just 1 QR code. This system is implemented to facilitate customers in making payments and also ensure that all payments can be monitored through 1 door.

How to Activate iSeller Pay QRIS

As of 2020, iSeller has implemented a QRIS system at the POS. To activate iSeller Pay QRIS payment at your store, make sure iSeller Pay at your store is active first. If iSeller Pay at your store is active, then you can activate iSeller Pay QRIS by clicking the Settings menu then the Payment sub-menu. Navigate to the iSeller Pay panel as indicated in the following image.

Then turn on the iSeller QRIS button and then activate all outlets in your store to activate iSeller Pay QRIS by clicking the Outlet that is activated button in the Digital Wallet panel.

Then a list of outlets will appear in your store and please click on the Register All Outlets button to activate iSeller Pay QRIS.

After that your iSeller Pay QRIS activation process will be processed and the iSeller will confirm your activation request.

Receive Payments with iSeller Pay QRIS on POS

Next is the display of payment methods using iSeller Pay QRIS on POS.

After you click on iSeller Pay QRIS a new page will appear in the form of a QR Code which will later be scanned by the customer to make payments with a digital wallet such as:

  • GO-PAY

  • DANA

  • ShopeePay

  • LinkAja!

Documents and SLAs for Activating iSeller Pay QRIS

Because the QRIS system includes all payments, you only need to activate the iSeller Pay QRIS once and your store can accept payments from all digital wallets, so you don't need to activate each payment method again.

The data needed for activation of QRIS iSeller Pay is also shared between the Individual and the Company / Legal Entity.


  • KTP

  • NPWP

  • Bank Book

  • Directors' KTPs whose names are included on the Company's Deed

  • NPWP

  • Bank book

  • SIUP

  • TDP

  • NIB


  • Akta Pendirian dan Perubahannya

The activation process of QRS iSeller Pay requires a maximum of 5 working days from the valid request and complete documents.

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