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[POS App] Offline Payment For Digital Transactions With Mark Paid Features
[POS App] Offline Payment For Digital Transactions With Mark Paid Features
Written by Cheah
Updated over a week ago

iSeller makes it easy for cashier to identify the orders that encountered problems during the payment stage, for example internet connection lost when the customer completes payment, by introducing Mark Paid feature.

The Mark Paid feature provided by iSeller is available for GO-PAY and FUND payment methods.

Please follow the steps below to make a Mark Paid if there is an internet connection lost with the POS system while the customer has completed a payment.

Step 1: Mark Paid button, will appear after 10 seconds when the QR Code is displayed on the POS and is not closed.

Step 2: After you click the Mark Paid button, a pop-up confirmation message will appear as shown below.

Before you click the Continue button to proceed with the payment, kindly verify the payment status with a photo capture to prove the successful sales transaction.

Step 3: After you obtained the proof of successful transactions, click the Continue button and select the Admin that has authority over this feature.

After that, please select on OTP Request if the Admin is not in presence physically.

Once you obtained the OTP code, please enter it accordingly.

If you have logged in as an Admin, you may enter your PIN directly into the system to override the record.

​Step 4: Enter the customer's contact number to ensure the settlement works properly.

Hereafter, you may continue the transaction as usual.

After completing the transaction, the iSeller back-end system will automatically match with the partner e-wallet system so that settlement (payout) can continue as usual.

For any further question regarding this feature, please contact us.

You can watch video below to be able to understand better the feature of Mark Paid.

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