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Live Chat in iSeller Admin (iPhone)
Live Chat in iSeller Admin (iPhone)

This article explains the Live Chat features found in iSeller Admin for iPhone.

Written by Cheah
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iSeller provides exclusive Live Chat features in iSeller Admin available for iPhone users. This Live Chat aims for customers easy communicate with the iSeller team if you have questions about the system.

The iSeller team migrated from Whatsapp to Live Chat feature for a better response quality and effective problem solving. With the Live Chat system, all our iSeller support teammate can response to client queries immediately, compared to the individually support when using WhatsApp.

Our iSeller support team is available on Monday-Friday from 8: 30am to 17:30pm with an estimated response time of 5 minutes. They are also available on holidays with an estimated response time of 30 minutes. You can also read more about the availability of the iSeller support team in the article Contact the iSeller Support Team.

To access the Live Chat function in iSeller Admin (iPhone), please go to the Help & Support menu.

You can download iSeller Admin (iPhone) from the Apple App Store.

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