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Live Chat in iSeller Admin App
Live Chat in iSeller Admin App

This article explains the Live Chat features in the iSeller Admin App.

Written by Chee Sing
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Live Chat feature is available in the iSeller Admin App. This feature aims to provide a direct and easy channel for customers to communicate with the iSeller team if you have questions about the system.

The iSeller team migrated from Whatsapp to this live chat with the aim of improving the quality of responses and increase increase the speed of troubleshooting support. With this live chat system, we can effectively allocate relevant support to work on your problem now like before when using WhatsApp support, each support person can only guide one merchant at a time.
The iSeller support team is available Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 17:30 with a response time of 5 minutes. The iSeller support team is also available on holidays with a response time of 30 minutes. You can also read about the availability of the iSeller support team in the article Contact the iSeller Support Team.

To access Live Chat on the iSeller Admin App, please go to the Contact Us menu.

Live Chat provides three features namely:

  • New Conversation : This feature allows you to directly communicate with the iSeller support team.

  • Quick Answer : This feature aims to let you know the functions and features found in iSeller. It will direct you to the link that you can read all the self help articles.

  • Feedback : This feature allows you to provide reviews for iSeller services or feature requests for your store.

New Conversation

In this feature customers can communicate directly with the iSeller support team and customers can also attach documents in the form of images or GIFs.

Quick Answer

In this feature, customers can enter keywords to search for functions and features in iSeller in the column provided as shown below.

After you enter your keywords in the column provided, a number of related articles will appear based on the keywords you have entered.

To use the iSeller Admin App, you can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store (iPhone and iPad). After that, assign iSeller store admin access to users who are allowed to be given iSeller Admin App access. For setting on store admin access, kindly check the article Access Permissions for Web Admins.

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