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Moving Serial Number Goods between Outlets (Transfer Out)
Moving Serial Number Goods between Outlets (Transfer Out)
Written by Chee Sing
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In the article Moving Goods between Outlets (Transfer Out), we explained how to transfer goods between outlets.

The steps for moving serial number goods between outlets are essentially the same as moving normal goods between outlets, only different is the receiving outlet must enter the serial number before you make an inventory update as shown below.

Step 1: Please select the serial number of the product you wish to send to other outlets in the column marked as shown below.

Step 2: After you have finished selecting the product serial number that you want to send to another outlet, a list of product serial numbers will appear.

Step 3: Then you can save the data transfer by clicking the Save button in your top right corner.

The number of products at the shipping outlet will immediately reduce inventory, while the number of products has not increased at the outlet that receives the goods before the Admin who has access to the outlet that will receive the goods receiving process.

There are 2 methods used to confirm receipt of goods:

  • Mark Done

  • Goods Received

Mark Done

This method automatically selects the inventory of incoming goods that must be processed before this shipping process can be completed and also this method no longer needs to select the serial number of incoming goods.

Goods Received

This method will separate the items sent in more detail such as the goods have been received, returned, or rejected.

On this page, you can approve the acceptance of all products by pressing the Accept All Transfers button at the top right of the Product panel.

Before you receive goods / return goods / reject goods, you can enter the serial number on the indicator that has been marked as shown below.

After that a new page will appear to select the item serial number as shown below.

The serial number of the item that you have selected will appear, then please click the Apply button to process the item receipt.

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