Repayment Bill

Learn how to pay off subscription package bills and add-ons on your online store.

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iSeller will send invoices automatically to you to be repaid so that you can continue to use iSeller services. iSeller will also issue a bill when you install paid add-ons.

Step 1: Please click on the Settings menu, then the Account sub-menu. Navigate to the Invoices panel.

Step 2: Then the invoices that have been paid in full or unpaid will appear. You can also see a detailed attachment in PDF format regarding the invoice and where you have to transfer the bill by clicking the Invoice ID that you want to see.

Step 3: If you have just chosen a subscription package or subscribed to an add-on, a charge will appear as below. You can make payments to pay off invoices by pressing the Pay button that we have marked.

Charges will be made per month / per year depending on your chosen subscription package.

If the initial payment is made by credit card, then every bill made will immediately have a paid status because iSeller will automatically charge credit cards between per month / per year. To stop the automatic charge subscription, you must change your billing options to become a payment other than a credit card.

If the initial payment is not made by a credit card, for example a bank transfer, then you will receive a notification on your web admin and the existing bill must be paid by pressing the pay button as shown above.

Step 4: After that a new page will appear in the form of payment method. You can choose the method you want to use to pay your invoices.

Step 5: After that the payment confirmation page will appear that the payment must be done before the specified time. The method of payment is to enter the virtual account number in the bank account format no. connected with payment ref. code. In the example below, the virtual account number is 784330874899651.

After you make a transfer, the paid invoices will be automatically recorded as paid in full and you can use iSeller as long as the billing period is not over.

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