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Customer Payment Settings (POS)
Customer Payment Settings (POS)

A description of how to manage customer and non-customer payables, customer loyalty points, and customer store credit.

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Customer payment settings are specific to customers who have registered in your iSeller web admin system. To register a customer please see the article Add/Change Customer.

To access customer payment settings, please click the Settings menu then the Payments sub-menu > Scroll down until you find Non-Integrated Payments Panel for POS.

Here are some settings that can be applied when customers will make a payment.

Customer-enabled Payment

On Account

When you activate this feature, later customers who have registered in your store, these customers can pay at a later date.

When you activate the On Account feature, the Require signature feature will appear. Require signature can be activated or deactivated according to your store's needs, if this feature is activated at the time the customer wants to make a payment at a later date, the customer must first enter a signature at the POS checkout as shown below.

Loyalty Points

This feature allows customers to pay in exchange for their loyalty points. Loyalty points are earned from every customer making a transaction at your store. To manage your loyalty point income for each of your transactions, please read Loyalty Points Activation.

The following shows the number of loyalty points that customers have on the payment method selection page at POS.

Store Credit

This feature allows customers to pay using their available store credit. Topping up the store credit balance is obtained from the customer's choice when making a refund. Customers can choose to return the refund amount in cash or credit to the store.

You can also choose which cashiers can accept store credit payments by going to Settings then the Payments sub-menu then turning on/off Enable Store Credit as shown below.

The following shows the remaining store credit owned by your customers on the payment method selection page at POS.

To pay using store credit, the cashier can select Store Credit payment in the lower right corner.

Payable for Unregistered Customers (Layby/Layaway)

If this feature is activated, customers who have not registered with your store can complete orders with a later payment or partial payment.

iSeller does not provide a security system for payment of debts for unregistered customers. It is hoped that the seller will give this option of debt payment features to people you truly trust. All orders that have not been paid can be seen in the order list.

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