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Admin App Introduction
Admin App Introduction

This article explains the admin app which is useful for managing business anytime and anywhere.

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

iSeller Admin App is a useful application for managers and business owners to monitor and manage their business anytime and anywhere. Please search for iSeller Admin in Google Play or App Store then install it on your smartphone and open the application.

Login the application with the Username and Password of your iSeller store.

Only users with Full Admin access can log in to iSeller Admin. Read the User Settings article to change the permission settings.

Navigation Menu

To access the Navigation Menu, please tap the three-line logo at top left corner of your screen.

In the menu view, you will see a list of menu for the iSeller Admin App. The navigation menu allows you to access all features available in the iSeller Admin App.

In the Navigation Menu, you can also change your view to specific outlet. Just tap on the column that we have marked with the yellow box and then select the outlet you want to view. Once you've selected an outlet, all the information in iSeller Admin App will be based on that outlet only.

Access Limit for iSeller Admin App

Only Users with iSeller Store Admin Access is able to login and use iSeller Admin App. You can refer how to change user access setting in the article User Introduction in iSeller web-admin.

The iSeller Admin App access is also limit by outlet. The same permission for outlet in user setting. When all outlets is selected, the user can view reports on all outlets. Conversely, if only one outlet is selected, the user can only view reports on the selected outlet. Therefore a manager for specific outlet can only view the outlet s/he is managing.

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