Serial Number

Learn about the Serial Number add-on and some of its features.

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This add-on is useful for providing inventory tracking with serial numbers to uniquely identify each product.

Make sure the Serial Number feature is installed if you want the product tracking feature using a serial number.

Serial Number is an additional menu that will appear in the iSeller web-admin once you have installed the Serial Number add-on.

To access the Serial Number please click the Catalog, and then sub-menu Serial Number.

By adding the serial number feature, you can then add the serial number to the product, a detailed classification of the transaction using the serial number appears in the Transaction Report, and you can also shop using the serial number and can see the serial number information on the order. You can also fill in the serial number when receiving goods from suppliers, fill in the serial number when sending goods between outlets and fill in the serial number when returning goods to suppliers.

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