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This article will explain how to end a shift that is currently running at the POS.

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This article explains how to end a current shift. Please follow the steps below to find out ways to end a shift.

Step 1

In your POS display, please click the three-line icon in the upper-left corner of your tablet to open the menu. Then click Register Shifts.

Step 2

On the next register shifts page, please click Close Shift.

Step 3

In the description section there is an amount that should be in the cash register, in this example Rp 2.184.189. This amount is the result of the calculation of the float amount at the time of Start Shift plus the total transactions that occur at the time of shift.

Users can also replace the Float Amount with the amount of money currently in the cash register.

Users can also enter any note by clicking on the Note section. For example, if you have more Float Amount when closing shifts, you can add a note of excess Rp 100,000 because there are buyers who don't want to receive returns.

Step 4

In the next screen, you can make a Final Adjustment where users can add or subtract cash in cashiers for certain purposes. Example take Rp 500,000 as 1 shift profit and the rest will be used as capital for the next shift.

To add money, please select Add on the Adjustment Type, and to withdraw money, please select Remove.

Step 5

When everything is sure, click OK to end the Close Shift activity.

Step 6

If you want to print order details at the end of shift. You can do this by clicking the Settings menu, then clicking General.

Please activate Print Order Detail and Inventory used in register close shift in the Print Register Shift Setting item as shown below.

New buttons will appear with the following description.

  • Enable Vendor: If this button is activated, you can view order details with additional vendor information on the products sold when printing.

  • Enable Product Type : If this button is activated, you can view order details with additional description of the type of product sold when printing.

  • Enable Print Pre Closing Shift Report : If this button is enabled, you can check the order detail report that has been done before you end the shift.

If the Print Order Detail and Inventory Used in Register Close Shift has been activated, the order details will be automatically printed on the printer machine connected to your POS. The following is a sales report printed in the form of a receipt at the end of the shift.

Ends Shift Setting is done.

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