Start Shift

This article will explain how to start shifting at the POS.

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The shift feature makes it easy for you to find out all transactions that occur in a shift, so you can match sales at the end of the shift.

Step 1

If you have just opened the application or have logged out of the POS previously, please re-enter your iSeller system by clicking OPEN REGISTER on the display.

Step 2

In the next screen, please specify which users will start the shift.

To change users, please click Change User then select the user who will start the shift.

Step 3

Please fill in the Float Amount section as the amount of money available to the cashier when starting the shift. It is necessary to compare the amount of money in the cashier before and after the shift. Read more at Ending Shift.

Step 4

In the Note section, you can enter any note before starting your shift.

Step 5

Click OK to start your Shift.

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