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Connection to Print Label
Connection to Print Label

This article describes how to connect a printer and print print labels.

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If you want to put a label on every customer order, then you can apply the Print Label feature on the printer that is connected to the POS cashier after the order has been confirmed. Please follow these steps to connect POS with Print Label.

Step 1: Connect your tablet POS with Bluetooth Printer using bluetooth connection on your tablet.

Step 2: Please enter the PIN that connects the Bluetooth Printer and POS. The PIN you must enter is 0000 or 1234.

If the bluetooth printer is already under Paired Device, it means that the bluetooth printer and your tablet are already connected.

Step 3: In your POS display, please select the menu in the upper left corner > Select Settings.

Step 4: Select Hardware > Add Hardware.

Choose Printer

Step 5: Then press the BT Printer that was connected via bluetooth before. In the example below, the connected BTP Printer is XP-4208.

In the Printer Type column, select Label.

Step 8 : Adjust the order label that you will create as shown below.

  • Name : Description of the printer name that must be written is Printer_DE54 (Valid for iSeller POS users who will do Print Label)

  • MAC Address: Wireless or bluetooth address that will automatically appear when the device is connected.

  • Start Point X : Setting the position of the label for the right and left.

  • Start Point Y : Setting the label position for the top and bottom.

  • Label Width : The desired Label Width .

  • Label Height : The desired label height.

  • Label Gap: The distance between the sentences contained in the label.

  • Enable Delay : If enabled, the printing process will be delayed by a few seconds for each label to be printed. If disabled, then the label to be printed will come out in its entirety without delay.

  • Printer Type: The type of printer used is Label.

  • Batch Printing : If you want to group labels to be printed, then you can activate this button. If not, then you can disable it.

  • Order Type: The type of order used on the label.

Step 9 : When you have finished customizing the order label, select the check mark to save the settings.

Step 10: If the light is green, then the connection between the POS and the printer is stable.

Here is the display when the Label is printed successfully.

How to connect a printer and print labels is complete.

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