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F&B Online Ordering Arrangement - Delivery Scheduled Order
F&B Online Ordering Arrangement - Delivery Scheduled Order

In this article, you will learn how to use the Scheduled Order feature for delivery orders in the F&B Online Ordering Add-On.

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For those of you who sell with a pre-order system or orders within a certain time frame, you can make scheduled order arrangements with the F&B Online Ordering Add-On on iSeller. This add-on allows you to schedule orders at specific timeframes so that customers can only choose the order date you set.

To set up a scheduled order, please follow the steps below.

Activate Scheduled Delivery Order

Step 1: Select the Apps menu > Select F&B Online Ordering.

In the Delivery Options panel > Enable Enabled Scheduled Delivery Orders.

Step 2: When the panel is activated, the following options will appear.

  • Scheduled Order Only : If this button is activated, the customer can only place an order according to the scheduled date. Meanwhile, if this button is disabled, customers can place orders on the same day or as scheduled.

  • Set Delivery Date Range : You can set an order schedule that customers can make with a minimum of 1 day. Example : Min 1 Max 1 = Customers can only place orders for tomorrow. Min 1 Max 7 = Customers can only order for tomorrow (H+1) until next week (D+7). Min 7 Max 14 = Customers can only order for a week later (D+7) until two weeks later (D+14).

In the picture above, the merchant only wants to serve orders starting from tomorrow until the next week. Therefore, the Scheduled Order Only setting is activated so that customers cannot place orders on the same day. Then, the Set Pick Up Date Range is set to Min 1 Max 7 so that customers can only order for tomorrow until the next week. Select Save.

Order Confirmation

When the customer has made a choice of products to be ordered through your online store, then on the Order Confirmation panel, the customer can only choose a pick up date in the Scheduled Order Setting that has been done previously, namely H+1 (tomorrow) until D+7 (next one week).

After completing the checkout, the order display will appear as follows.

The Waiting Acceptance display above shows that the order has entered the On Going Tab on the POS System, which means the order has been entered into the list and will be processed immediately.

Display in POS System

When the customer has made the checkout process, you can view the order details in the On Going Tab of the POS System. You have the option to accept or reject the order.

  • Accept : You accept the order.

  • Reject : You reject the order.

If the order is received, the order will follow the order completion process until the customer picks up the order independently. Then, if the pick up process has been carried out, the order on the POS system will be in the status of Complete. If the order is rejected, then in the POS system the order will have the status of Rejected.

Meanwhile, customers will get a notification via WhatsApp to confirm the rejected order.

F&B Online Ordering Scheduled Pick Up Order arrangement has been completed.

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