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Payment Arrangement with SiCepat COD (Online)
Payment Arrangement with SiCepat COD (Online)

In this article, you will learn how to activate the SiCepat COD payment method on your online store.

Written by Cheah
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For those of you who like to use product delivery with on-site payment (COD), iSeller has SiCepat COD payment method for customers who want to buy products at your online store and want to make payments when the goods have arrived at the customer.

Activate SiCepat COD

You can activate this SiCepat COD payment method in two places, namely the Payment Settings page and the Shipping Settings page. Please follow the steps below to activate it.

Payment Settings

Select menu Settings > Payments > On the Integrated Payments Panel, activate payment SiCepat COD.

Click Save to save the changes.

Shipping Arrangements

Select Menu Settings > Shipping > Activate shipping COD > Select Pencil logo to Edit.

Then, activate the SiCepat COD payment method as shown below > Select Save.

You only need to choose one method to activate the SiCepat COD payment method on your online store. If you have chosen one method, then the SiCepat COD payment method is already active on your online store.

Make an Order with SiCepat COD

After you activate SiCepat COD payment method, SiCepat COD will automatically appear in the payment method option when the customer wants to checkout an order. The following is a display when a customer is checking out an order using SiCepat COD.

Step 1: To be able to use SiCepat COD payment method, the shipping method that customers must use is SiCepat - SiUntung or SiCepat - Kargo.

Step 2 : If the customer wants to use SiCepat COD, the customer must choose another payment method to pay the postage first.

Please select SiCepat COD for product price payment, then select another payment method you want for product shipping costs. When finished, select Confirm.

The picture above explains that the total that customers need to pay is IDR 10,000 (ten thousand rupiah) to pay the shipping fee, while IDR 12,000 (twelve thousand rupiah) is the product price that will be paid on the spot.

Step 3: When the customer has successfully paid for the product delivery fee, the payment status that will be recorded in your iSeller account is Partially Paid COD (Partial Paid) because only the shipping costs are paid. Meanwhile, the fulfillment status is Not Fulfilled because it has not been processed.

Order arrangement with SiCepat COD has been completed. Then, you need to fulfill the order for it to be processed.

Order Fulfillment with SiCepat COD

When the customer has successfully completed the checkout process using SiCepat COD, then you can follow up on the delivery of the order with the following steps.

Step 1 : To follow up on an order, please select the order to be processed on the Orders menu.

Then on the Order Details page, select Fulfill Items to fill the order so that the shipment of the order can be processed.

Step 2: After Fulfill Items, on the Fulfillments panel you can print the shipping label for the order by selecting More > Print Shipping Label.

The picture below shows that the payment is made by COD or Pay on the spot of IDR 12,000 (twelve thousand rupiah).

When returning to the Orders menu, the order fulfillment status will change from Not Fulfilled to Fulfilled.

Payment Status will change to Paid COD if the product has arrived and your customer has made the payment given to the courier.

Payment arrangements with SiCepat COD have been completed.

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