Step 2: Shopee Sales Channel Configuration

Complete Shopee integration information in the Shopee sales channels settings.

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In this second step, you can first complete integration information such as inventory settings and synchronization.

You can start by going to Sales Channels menu, then the Shopee sub-menu as shown below.

General information

In this section, you can see general information about your store with the following information.

  • Store Name: The name of your store.

  • Store ID: ID of your store.

Inventory Settings

In this section, you can determine the initial stock when you create listings. Furthermore, you can also select outlets whose inventory will be synchronized to Shopee when you perform an inventory synchronization.

To activate inventory settings, please switch the Enable inventory management toggle on.

Once the inventory settings have been activated, you have synchronized your iSeller inventory to Shopee and you can then determine the initial stock of the listings you created.

  • Percentage: If you fill out this column with 100, the number of stocks that Shopee will display is all the stocks available at iSeller. If the number is 50, then the number of stocks that will be displayed on Shopee is only half the stock available at iSeller.

  • Minimum Stock: The minimum stock number that Shopee will display.

  • Maximum Stock: The maximum stock number that Shopee will display.

NOTES: If you specify the number of Minimum Stock and Maximum Stock, then the stock that Shopee will display is based on the minimum stock or maximum stock that you have specified regardless of your actual inventory in iSeller.

After that, you can choose any outlet whose inventory will be synced to Shopee in the column provided as shown below.

NOTES: You can select more than one outlet to synchronize their inventory, but you have to and can only choose one outlet as "default." This status means all transactions from Shopee will only cut the stock from the default outlet.

Example :

You have product A with a total stock of 100 at Mall Kelapa Gading and 50 in Blok M Square. The inventory settings you set are a percentage of 50% and the maximum amount is 50 at Mall Kelapa Gading and Blok M Square outlets as shown below.

As a result, the total stock of product A that will appear on Shopee is 50, because product A at the two outlets has a total stock of 150 and 50% of it is 75, while 75 is greater than 50, therefore the stock of product A that will appear on Shopee is 50.

This feature is very useful for those of you who sell in more than one channel. You can easily and precisely manage your inventory as well as avoiding overselling in the marketplace.


In this section, you can define sales synchronization data automatically or manually.

If you activate Enable auto order synchronization, iSeller will automatically synchronize orders from Shopee every 15 minutes. When disabled, order synchronization has to be done manually by clicking the Synchronize Orders button at your desired time.

For further information, you can read about it in the article Start Selling at Shopee Step 3.

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