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Shopee Integration

Learn about the add-on that allows you to integrate Shopee and iSeller and the features you get from the integration.

Written by Cheah
Updated over a week ago

Now, iSeller has provided an integration add-on with one of the renowned marketplace, Shopee. This add-on syncs your Shopee lists of orders, inventory, and fulfillment to iSeller, so you can manage your business more efficiently with a single platform.

By activating the Shopee add-on, you will get some benefits and integration features such as:

  • Copy all products from one shop to another with just one click

  • Add, edit, and update products in one system

  • Easy real-time synchronization for Orders and Inventory

  • A centralized system in one platform

After you have installed the Shopee add-on, check out Start Selling with Shopee: Step 1 article to learn how to complete the Shopee integration information on the iSeller platform.

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