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Linking Listing to Products
Linking Listing to Products

Learn how to automatically and manually link Listing to Products.

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There are 2 ways to link listings to products, namely automatically and manually.

The main function of linking listings to products is to sync inventory automatically.

Linking Listings Automatically

Follow the steps below to automatically link the listing to your product.

Step 1: When you make a listing, please select the SKU you want to connect automatically by clicking the magnifying glass logo on the marked column as shown below.

Step 2 : A list of SKUs in your store will appear. Select one to link to the listing you want to create.

Step 3 : Once the listing is linked, iSeller will pull the linked product information (description, price, image, etc.).

After that, the listing is automatically linked to products with the same SKU.

Manually Linking Listings

The manual linking functionality in iSeller is really efficient, even if SKUs don't match between listing and inventory, listings can be manually linked to inventory, quickly and simply.

To manually link a listing to a product, follow the steps below.

Step 1 : Select one of the products that you want to list as shown below.

Then, switch on the Food Delivery and Marketplaces integration column.

Step 2 : Click Save and the listing is successfully created with Draft status .

Click the pencil logo to be directed to the listing menu to edit and publish your listing.

Step 3 : After you are directed to the listing, click the Save and Publish button to publish your listing to your Food Delivery platform or Marketplaces. After doing this, your listing status will be changed from Draft to Published .

After you've learned how to automatically and manually link listings to products, you can read the Introduction to Inventory Synchronization article.

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