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Introduction to Listing
Introduction to Listing

In this article, you will learn about the Listings menu and its basic features.

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Listing Concept

In Q4 2020 update, iSeller released a new sales channel including marketplaces and food delivery platforms, enabling you to manage all aspects of your business with one platform.

When you activate marketplace sales channel or food delivery platforms, the Listing feature will be available in the Catalog menu of web admin. You can use the Listing feature to manage selling of items in each marketplace. Each item in the Listing represents a product that you sell on the marketplace.

The concept of this Listing feature is not like Products and Inventory in your store which are physical inventory, but this Listing feature is like an "offer" of existing products so that one product can have multiple listings. Each of these listings can be associated with a product to sync inventory automatically across your sales channels, including in your POS or online store.

In this article, we will explain about the product listing page. To access the product listing page, please click the Listing menu , then you will find a display like the following image.

List views will be displayed based on the selected marketplaces or food delivery platforms.

Main part of Listing Page

On the main page, you will see a list of the product listings that you have added. Here's how it looks like:

In the list, we can see several columns such as:

  • Title Listing: The title of the product listing

  • Item ID: Identifier of the product listing.

  • Available Qty: Stock amount of the product listing.

  • Price: The price of the product listing.

  • Active: The status of the product listing. If disabled, the product can't be bought by your customer.

Listing Status

  • Chain Image: This image indicates that the listing that you is already connected to the product.

  • Store Image: This image indicates that your listing has been published.

  • Yellow Triangle Image: This image indicates that there is incomplete information on your listing.

  • Pencil Image: This image indicates that your listing has been modified but not published yet.

Searching Product Listing

To find a specific product listing, please write the name of the product listing in the red box, then the iSeller system will automatically sort out the list of product listings that have that name.

Filtering Product Listing

If you want to filter the list of product listings, click on the funnel logo in the upper left of the main listing page, then you will find the type of product listing based on Active Status as shown below.

Adding a New Listing

To add a new product listing, simply click the Add Product button at the top right as shown below.

Additional Feature - Checklist

iSeller also provides an additional checklist feature in this module. When you tick the available data, additional features will appear that can help you process data faster.

Those features are:

  • Deactivate: This feature will disable all product listings that you have ticked. If the product is inactive, the product listing in question will not appear in your store.

  • Publish: This feature will publish all the product listings that you have ticked.

  • Delete: This feature will delete all the product listings that you have already ticked.

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