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How to Install iSeller Tablet Stand 360
How to Install iSeller Tablet Stand 360
Written by Cheah
Updated over a week ago
  1. Place the iSeller Tablet Stand 360 where you want it, and make sure the water silicon tablet stand is well attached to the surface of the table / cash drawer so the tablet stand does not move easily when used.

  2. Install the tablet in the iSeller Tablet Stand 360. iSeller provides two types of tablet holder: Nano Holder, for tablets that can be removed at any time; and 3m Sticker, for tablets that cannot be removed (permanent) at the stand (recommended)

  3. The iSeller Tablet Stand is ready and rotates 360 degrees for easy and convenient use of iSeller Pay QRIS digital payment.


  • iSeller tablet stand 360 can be rotated 360 degrees

  • Made of thick and strong acrylic

  • There is silicon water At the bottom of the tablet stand so it can stick to the surface only / cash drawer

  • Can be used for all types of tablets and iPad

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