iSeller Pay Link is part of the eInvoicing feature, where in the eInvoicing feature you can only send payment links via Email and SMS. Whereas in this feature you can send a payment link through applications installed on your cellphone such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. so it is more practical when you are traveling.

This feature will appear in the POS iSeller application directly if you have activated the eInvoicing feature before, so you can send payment links to your customers to make online payments for orders that have not been settled without having to pay the order to a physical outlet.

With this feature, you can also choose to send a payment link to your customers on the Complete Order page or the Order Details App page.

To send a payment link to your customers, please click the Share iSeller Pay Link button on the Complete Order page or click the Share Payment Link button on the Order Details page. Then, you will be able to send this payment link to each application such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others.

Then, you will send the payment link to your customer as shown below.

Your customers will receive the payment link later and only need to click the link to make online payments more easily anywhere and anytime, and with various payment methods that are available.

With the iSeller Pay Link feature, it will become more flexible for you to choose to send a payment link from the POS directly or from the iSeller web admin using eInvoicing.

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