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Saved Report Settings
Saved Report Settings

Learn how to a save report formats by adding dimensions or metrics to make it easier for future reference.

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

Saved Report Setting is useful for making it easier for you to manage preference report for your store and also save a custom report format by adding in dimensions or metrics according to your requirement.
This feature is in Reports in the iSeller web admin. To add Saved Report Settings, please follow below steps:

Step 1: In Reports menu, select any report submenu, then click the Saved Report Settings.

Step 2: A drop down will appear, click Save Current Settings.

Step 3: Save Current Report settings page will appear as shown below:

  • Name: The name for the Save Current Report .

  • Set as default: You can set this custom report as a default report page when you select this report from Report submenu.

  • Available to all users: When this is enabled, this report will be available to all users in your store. If disabled, the report can only be seen by yourself.

Step 4: After you filled in the name and selected the settings, click Save and then Save Current Report options will appear as shown below.

View Saved Report

You can retrieve the Saved Report from Saved Report Settings button as shown below.

To change the basic page of the report according to dimensions or metrics that you have added, please select one of the Saved Report.
For example, in this article Payment Reports / Payment By Method + Outlet is selected, which is added the Payment Method and Store dimensions.

When a Saved Report is set as default, when accessing the report will immediately display the data according to the Saved Report Settings.

Edit/Delete Saved Report

You can change or delete the Saved Reports, refer below:

  • Edit Icon: This is to change the Saved Report Settings such as change report name / set default option / set user access.

  • Remove Icon: This will delete the Saved Report.

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