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Send Registration Email
Send Registration Email

Learn how to do customer promotions by sending a registration email.

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

iSeller provides a feature to make it easier for you to do customer promotions for your store by sending a registration email to customers. Please follow the steps below to send an email registration to your customers.

Step 1: Please click on the Customer menu.

Step 2: Then click the three dots button at top right corner, you can see a drop down menu appear as shown below.

Then click Send Email Registration to All Active Customers. This button will send registration emails to all active customer emails in your store.
If you just want to send registration email to certain customers only, you can select the customers who you would like to send the registration e-mail, as shown below.

Then, click Send Registration Email. After the registration email is successfully sent to the customer you have chosen, a notification will appear as shown below.

Once you see the notification showing email had been sent, your customers will receive an email like in the following picture.

Your customers can register by clicking the Create New Password button or clicking the link as shown in picture above.

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