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Transfer Reports

This article will explain transfer reports that are useful for reviewing product transfer data that occur in your store.

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Through this report, you can conduct a detailed product transfer data review of your store. To access transfer reports, please click the Reports menu and then the Transfer Reports sub-menu.

You can see all the product transfer lists on the start page as shown below.

On the product transfer list page, you can see several columns such as:

  • Type: The type of transfer. Whether Transfer In or Transfer Out.

  • Transfer: The unique reference code of a transfer that is generated automatically when a new transfer is added.

  • Started Date: The started date of the transfer.

  • Received Date: The date that the goods are expected to arrive at their destination. The value in this column will be empty if the transfer status is In Transit.

  • From: The delivery location of the transfer.

  • To: The location where the transfer was received.

  • Product: The product that is transferred.

  • SKU: SKU number of the product being transferred.

  • Quantity: The number of products transferred.

  • Status: Status information can be Accepted, In Transit, Rejected, and Canceled. Accepted is attached when all the goods have been received. In Transit is a status which means that there is no processing of goods at all. Rejected is the status when the item is rejected. Canceled is the status when the item is canceled.

Add Dimension

Add dimension will detail the report based on additional information. The additional information referred to is the data category which becomes the new reference in the detailed report.

To add dimensions please click Add Dimension like in the picture and you will find various types of additional dimensions that we have provided.

There are a total of 6 added dimensions that you can add to your report:

  • Description: A description of the transfer, such as transfers between outlets, returns to suppliers, shipments from suppliers, and others.

  • Created Date: The date on which the transfer was made.

  • Created By: Author of the transfer.

  • Started By: Who initiated the transfer.

  • Received By: The recipient of the transfer.

  • Reference Number: Reference number of the transfer.

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