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POS Activity Log Report
POS Activity Log Report

This article will explain about the activity log report in POS which is useful for viewing user activity in your shop.

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Through this report, you can view user activity on the POS in your store.

Activate Activity Log

Before you can access the POS Activity Log Report , please follow the steps below to enable activity log storage at the POS first.

Step 1: Please click the Settings menu.

Step 2: Then enable Save log activities in the General menu.

The activity log will appear on the POS Activity Log Report if you have met the limit that has been set.

You can set the limit at POS, by accessing the Settings menu > About > Diagnostic.

Then, please set the limit on the Activity Log Buffer Size as needed.

Access the Event Log Report

To access the POS activity log reports, please click the Reports menu , then the POS Activity Log Reports sub-menu .

You can see all user activity logs on the home page as shown below.

On the user activity log page, you can see several columns such as:

  • Date: The time and date the user performs activities at the POS.

  • Register: POS that is used by users to carry out activities at the POS.

  • Outlet: Outlet user selects at POS.

  • Name: Activities carried out by users at the POS.

  • User: The name of the user who carries out activities at the POS.

Export Activity Log

You can also export POS activity log in CSV format by clicking the Export button in the top right corner of your screen.

There are 3 options for exporting activity logs, namely Current View, Export Activity Log By Date, and All Activity Logs.

Current View

Current View will export a list of activity logs based on the activity log that you are currently viewing. Then, please click the Export button to download the list of activity logs in CSV format.

Export Activity Log By Date

This export option will export the activity log based on the date you specify. You can fill in the start date and end date in the column provided. Then please click the Export button to download the list of activity logs in CSV format.

All Activity Logs

This feature will export all activity logs according to the outlet you choose. After you have selected the outlet in your store that you want to do the export, please click the Export button to download the activity log in CSV format.

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