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Dashboard (Web Admin)
Dashboard (Web Admin)

This article will explain the features found in the main menu in iSeller Web Admin.

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Dashboard is a display containing sales information that occurred on your iSeller store. On the dashboard, you can see clean and dirty sales reviews. You can also see what products are the most desirable or best-selling in your store.

To access the dashboard menu on the navigation menu page then select Dashboard.

Dashboard Display

In the dashboard view, you can see a summary of your sales. Net Sales are your net sales, and Gross Sales are your gross sales. Gross and net sales are distinguished from the calculation of discounts, promotions, and refund (refund).

You can also see the products with the highest sales. Best Selling Products are the products your customers buy the most in monthly sales.

Whereas Top Product By Sales are the products your customers most often buy in the sales period chosen in the selection as shown below.

The appearance of the Dashboard will change when you are based on the time of sale you selected.

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