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Import Serial Number Lists
Import Serial Number Lists

This article will explain how to import a list of product serial numbers in your store.

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This article explains how to import a serial number list, where you can directly import the data in relation to the product serial number directly.

To import a list of serial numbers, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Please enter the Catalog menu , then the Serial Number sub-menu.

Step 2: Click the Import button.

Step 3: Select the CSV file that contains the list of customers that you have created by pressing the Upload File button.

The following are the examples of CSV template formats that we have provided along with the categories which must be filled in. In order to download the template, click the "sample CSV template" button.

Some categories must be filled in order to import the serial number lists successfully.

  • SKU: Stock Keeping Unit is used as a unique code collection for each product.

  • Outlet: Outlet is used to indicate which serial number is reflect to which outlet.

  • Serial Number: Serial Number is used to reflect the product that you want to import.

  • Supplier: Supplier is who supplies the product. the suppliers which you inserted should only be those suppliers who are already registered with your store.

If the import of your serial number is successful, a display will appear as shown below.

If you have finished importing the serial number list, please click the Finish button to finish. If you still want to import the serial number list again, please click the Restart button.

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