Duplicate a Product

Learn how to duplicate products in your store.

Written by Chee Sing
Updated over a week ago

You can duplicate an existing product from your iSeller store Catalog to make a new product.

To duplicate a product, please follow steps below.

Step 1: Go to the Catalog menu, then click Products sub-menu.

Step 2: Then click the product you want to duplicate. In the product screen, click the Duplicate button at top right corner, as shown in screenshot below.

Step 3: Then a pop-up page will appear for you to fill the product name of this new duplicate product. There is also option for you to decide whether to also duplicate same product image for the new product.

Step 4: Once you filled the name and select image duplicate, click the Duplicate button to approve the changes.

Step 5: Then a new product that you just duplicated will appear in the product list as shown below.

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