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Make Orders with Partial Payments
Make Orders with Partial Payments

This article will explain the steps for making a partial payment order.

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Before you make an order with a partial payment, make sure you have activated the debt feature. Please go to the web-admin to activate the debt feature, then click the Settings menu and then click the Payment from sub-menu.

Navigate to the Layby / Layaway panel, then switch on the Allow layby / layaway Orders feature as shown above.

If you have not activated the laybay / layaway feature, then when ordering with partial payment a notification will appear like the following picture when you want to complete an order.

Following are the steps to make a partial payment order.

Step 1 : On the Payment Method page, please select the payment method you want.

โ€‹Step 2 : In this example the payment method used is Cash. After you have chosen a payment method, a pop-up page will appear to enter the nominal payment.

You can fill in the desired payment amount in the marked section as shown above.

Step 3 : Then the total payment that has not been paid will appear in Remaining and the total payment that has been paid will appear as shown below and please click Complete Order to complete the order.

Step 4 : Then your order with partial payment will succeed and will be marked as Partially Paid .

Complete Partial Payment

Orders with partial payment can be paid / completed if the customer has received the item and wants to pay off the order.

Partial Payment Settlement via POS

To complete a partial payment on POS, please click on the menu and select Orders . Then select the list of orders for which one you want to complete payment.

Please click on Make Payment as we marked it as shown below.

Then click Add Another Payment .

After that, please choose the payment method you want to pay off the payment side of your order.

Then a nominal default payment remaining pop-up page will appear on your order. If it is appropriate, please click OK to continue the order completion process with partial payment.

Then, please click on Complete Order to complete the order with partial payment.

The status on the order list will change to Paid.

Partial Payment Settlement Through Web Admin

You can also make partial payment settlement via the iSeller web-admin. To pay off orders with partial payment on the iSeller web-admin, please click the Orders module then open the list of orders you want to complete, then click the Accept Payment button.

After you click the Accept Payment button, a new form will appear to fill the remaining nominal payment that has not been paid by your customer. On this form you can also add notes to these payments.

After you have filled in the remaining nominal payment that your customer has not paid, please click the Accept Payment button to pay off the order. Then the order was successfully paid.

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