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Connection to the Barcode Scanner
Connection to the Barcode Scanner

This article will explain how to connect a Barcode Scanner device to iSeller POS.

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This article will explain how to connect a Barcode Scanner to POS. There is only iSeller's Barcode Scanner supports SPP mode which can be supported by iSeller currently.

Please follow the steps below to connect the Barcode Scanner to POS.

Step 1: Make sure the Barcode Scanner is in Pairing mode.

Step 2: Connect your POS tablet with a barcode scanner using a Bluetooth connection from your device.

Step 3: If the barcode scanner has been paired as below, then your barcode scanner is connected.

Step 4: In your POS view, please click the three-line icon in the upper left corner.

Step 5: Please click Settings.

Step 6: In the Hardware column, click Add Hardware.

Step 7: Please select the Barcode Scanner.

Step 8: Then select BT383N-039 which has been connected via Bluetooth before.

Step 9: Congratulations! Your barcode scanner is connected. If the light is green, then the connection between the POS and the barcode scanner is stable.

Barcode Scanners have 2 types, namely 1D Barcode Scanner and 2D Barcode Scanner. The 1D Barcode Scanner model that is supported by iSeller is i310, while the 2D Barcode Scanner supported by iSeller is i383N.

The default Barcode Scanner mode is HID. Both Barcode Scanners can be changed to SPP mode. To change the two types of Barcode Scanners into SPP mode has a different manual so it must be do setting on each device.

Barcode Scanning Result

For barcode scanning result, which will be displayed on the Checkout screen, and you can scan a barcode and the item will enter the cart automatically as shown below.

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