This article will explain settings available in the iSeller Admin App.

Written by Chee Sing
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You can configure the settings available in the iSeller Admin App. You can access the settings menu by tapping Settings in the navigation menu.

Once you get into the settings page, you will find these available setting options.


When you tap General, you will be brought into the general settings for the iSeller Admin App.

The general settings display contains:

  • Enable Notification : If the button is turned on, the notification will go directly to the home screen of your device.

  • Language: This settings will change the language in your iSeller Admin App.


In the Stores settings page, you will see a list of stores (outlets) that are available and can be accessed by your ID through the iSeller Admin App. You can register the same e-mail to multiple iSeller stores.


In the About page, you will find general information about your store.

Device information, as well as the version of the iSeller Admin App application that you are currently using are also displayed in this page.

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