Customer Display Settings

This article will explain the functions and uses of the buttons in Customer Display settings.

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Customer Display is used for tablet display that can be seen by customers, display can be in the form of shopping lists, images and videos. This article explains the buttons that you can choose from and what will happen if they are activated.

You can adjust the display customer display by pressing the icon that we marked with a red box.

The next display that you can see is the settings that you can apply to the customer display.

Following is an explanation of each available setting:

  • Enable Customer Satisfaction: If the button is activated, then you can send a display of customer feedback or satisfaction that can be filled by the customer.

  • Enable Send Email Receipt: If the button is activated, then your customer can send shopping receipt to the customer's email.

  • Display: Display of customer displays that you have. Display can be in the form of pictures or videos.

  • Image File: Image or video file that will be displayed on the main display of your customer display.

  • Interval: If there are more than one image or video file, this information will indicate how long the image or video will change to another image or video.

  • Customer Display Server Status: Status from customer display.

  • POS IP Address: The IP address of the POS device that is connected to the customer display.

  • POS Status: Status of the POS.

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