Learn the Zendesk Add-On to add live chat to your online store.

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Zendesk is a CRM application that allows your customers to communicate directly using live chat. Zendesk also provides a feature where your customers can leave messages offline such as email. You can easily answer all the questions on the Zendesk website.

Zendesk is already registered as an add-on to iSeller Apps so you can integrate easily. Here's an example of a live chat integration from Zendesk.

In order to integrate Zendesk into your online shop, please follow the steps below.

Zendesk Live Chat Account Creation and Settings

Please open the Zendesk website, then register the account you want to use to accommodate and reply to customer inquiries. If you are new to Zendesk, it is recommended to learn about its basic features in the Zendesk documentation.

First, log in with your account on the Zendesk website and open Settings, then select Widgets as shown below.

Click Setup at the top to see the live chat widget web code that you can use to get a Zendesk ID that will be used for integration with your online shop.

Copy the code that comes after the words key=. This code will be used for integration in the iSeller add-on. For example, your widget code is as follows:

<!-- Start of chocoinjarsupport Zendesk Widget script -->
<script id="ze-snippet" src="https://static.zdassets.com/ekr/snippet.js?key=5ff14461-72f4-42f6-8b5a-e454edec2bcb"> </script>
<!-- End of chocoinjarsupport Zendesk Widget script -->

Then all you need to enter is the following:


Integrate with Online Stores

To integrate the live chat feature with your online store, you can go to the Apps menu as marked below.

Then select Zendesk at the bottom and click the Free button to install this add-on for free. Click OK to proceed to filling in the Zendesk ID.

In this section, you have to enter your Zendesk ID to integrate this live chat feature. You can get the Zendesk ID from the web widget code that you previously saw on the Zendesk website.

Enter the code as your Zendesk ID on your admin web page. Then click Save to complete the integration.

Thus, when a customer opens your online store, the customer can contact you directly by pressing the Chat button on the bottom right.

Reply to Customer Questions

Chats from customers will go to your Zendesk chat page. Please login to Zendesk and open the chat window page to reply to customer questions.

Thus you have successfully integrated the live chat from Zendesk with your online shop.

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