Price Overwrite

Learn the Add-On Price Overwrite setting and its use in POS.

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This add-on allows the cashier in your store to change the price of the product at the time of the transaction at POS. This additional feature is used in certain conditions according to the needs of your store, so the cashier at your store can change the price of the product higher or lower.

Make sure the Price Overwrite feature is installed if you want the feature to change prices during transactions at POS.

If this add-on has been installed, you can determine whether all product prices can be changed or only certain product prices can be changed on the Apps menu then the Price Overwrite sub-menu.

If the setting is on, you can specify which product you want to change the price for. If the setting is inactive, all products can be changed prices.
To activate a specific product, please select a product list as shown below.

After that, navigate to the Price Overwrite panel and activate allow changing prices at POS.

Change Price At POS

To change the product price at POS, please follow the steps below.
โ€‹Step 1: Please select the items you want to add to the shopping cart. An example of an item to include is Wailis Floral Printed Stripe.

Step 2: Then a feature page will appear to change the price of the desired product, following the appearance of the form.

Please fill in the price of the desired product according to your needs. After that, do the transaction as usual.

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