Besides being able to use Go-Pay as a payment method, customers can also use OVO to pay for the goods/products they buy at your Online Store.

For activation and payment settings with OVO, please go to Settings then click Payment.

On the Online Store panel, scroll down to the Digital Wallet section.

Click the button next to OVO to activate OVO payments.

If you have never determined the longitude and latitude of the main branch in the outlet setting, a confirmation will appear as shown below. OVO activation requires a physical shop address to determine your location. If you do not have a physical shop, please enter the location of your home.

In the next section, you will need to enter your detailed address information. Fill in complete information such as outlet name, outlet address, country, province, city and telephone number.

You must also ensure that the latitude and longitude positions are pointing at the correct points on the map. To adjust it, please click Change Map Pin Point.

Then a mini-map will appear where you can shift the pin-point to the position of your outlet on the map. You can zoom in or out of the map with the Zoom button in the lower right corner of the map.

Then you can write down your contact information. Then click Save to save.

Click Register OVO Account to add account information.

In the pop-up menu that opens, you can change your account information. If you have activated iSeller Pay, the initial information listed is the information you entered when activating your iSeller Pay. The data you enter will be used to receive payment deposits with OVO because all transactions will go to the iSeller balance.

You also have to enter your KTP and NPWP number. Then click the little box at the bottom of the Usage Rules to agree to the terms and conditions. Click Save to save.

After that your request will be processed to activate OVO payments. The process will take 2x24 hours on working days. Once active, your customers can use OVO as a payment method in your online store.

The following is a display of payment methods with OVO. Customers can enter the phone number they registered on the OVO application and click the Confirm button to continue.

Then the customer will confirm their payment via the OVO application on their smartphone to complete the payment.

Like iSeller Pay, payments with Digital Wallet will go to iSeller first and will be confirmed automatically. Payment will be forwarded to the account that you previously registered with a 2% fee deducted. Cutting fees is the policy of OVO and iSeller does not deduct any fees for using the Digital Wallet.

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