User Reports

This article explains the useful user reports for reviewing user data in your store.

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Through this report, you can review user data in your store. To access the profit & loss report, please click the Reports menu then the User Reports sub-menu.

In the user report, you can change the appearance of the table based on the available classifications. You can access the report classification by clicking on the section that we have marked in the image below.

On the user reports list page, you can see several columns such as:

  • User by Work Shift: Displays the cashier's working time.

  • User Work Orders: Displays the number of orders per day performed by a particular user.

  • User Commission: Displays the commission earned by the user per day on orders executed.

Add Dimensions

Add dimension will detail the report based on additional information. The additional information referred to is the data category which becomes the new reference in the detailed report.

To add dimensions, please click Add Dimension as shown and you will find various types of adding dimensions that we have provided.

There are a total of 2 added dimensions you can add to your report:

  • Register: Details reports by adding the name of the cash register used by the user.

  • Outlet: Detail the report by adding the name of the outlet / branch where the user logs in to the cashier.

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