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Register / Cashier Report
Register / Cashier Report

This article will explain the register / cashier report that is useful for reviewing cashier data used in your store.

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Through this report, you can review the cashier data used in your store. To access cashier reports, please click the Reports menu then the Register Reports sub-menu.

In the register reports, you can change the display of the table based on the available report classifications. You can access the registration report classification by clicking on the section that we have marked in the image below.

The following are the classifications of the register report:

  • Register Closure Summary: Register Closing Summary will display the time at the start of the shift, ending the shift, the amount of money on the cashier at the time of starting the shift and the amount of transaction money during the start of the shift, and the amount of money calculated manually at the end of the shift.

  • Register Activities By User: Register Activity By User will display a register report in the form of a cashier who starts the shift, date and time of the shift, date and time of the transaction when the cashier serves, and the amount of money earned or spent.

Add Dimension

Add dimension will detail the report based on additional information. The additional information referred to is the data category that becomes the reference and / or new information in the detailed report.

To add dimensions please click Add Dimension like in the picture and you will find various types of additional dimensions that we have provided.

There are a total of 3 added dimensions you can add to your report:

  • Outlet: Detail the report by adding information on the outlet / branch where the cashier or employee who uses it is placed.

  • Register: Dimension for User's Register Activity reports. This dimension details the reports by adding to the cashier information used.

  • Notes: Dimensions for the Register Activity report by Users. This dimension details the reports by adding to the note information that the cashier employee enters when closing the shift.

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