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Transaction Reports

This article will explain transaction reports that are useful for reviewing sales per transaction in detail in your store.

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In this report, you can do a detailed sales per order transaction review of your store. To access the transaction sales report, please click the Reports menu and then the Transaction Reports sub-menu.

On the transaction report, you can change the appearance of the table based on available classifications. You can access the report classification by clicking on the section that we marked in the image below.

Following are the classifications of transaction reports:

  • Transaction Summary: Report on transactions that have occurred at your store in the 1 time period you selected. The timeframe settings can be changed at the top of the report.

  • Transaction List: Displays data of orders that occur in your store within a certain period of time.

  • Transaction Details: Almost the same as a transaction list, this report displays additional detailed information such as the product purchased on each order and the selling price of the product.

  • Transaction Details By Serial Number: Displays product order data using serial numbers that occur in your store within a certain time period.

  • Transactions per Customer: Shows customer transaction data that occurred at your store within 1 certain time period using the Gift Card payment method.

Add Dimension

Adding dimensions will detail the report based on additional information. The additional information referred to is the data category that becomes the reference and / or new information in the detailed report.

To add dimensions please click Add Dimension like in the picture and you will find various types of additional dimensions that we have provided.

There are a total of 12 additional dimensions that you can add to your report:

  • Transaction Date Hour: Detail the report by adding the time column the order was made.

  • Payment Method: Detail the report by adding the time column the order was made.

  • Channel: Detail the report by adding a sales channel column, whether the order was made at the POS or online store.

  • Outlet: Detail the report by adding the outlet / branch column where the order was made.

  • Register: Detail the report by adding the name of the cash register that made the order.

  • User: Detail the report by adding the cashier employee column that made the order.

  • Status: Detail the report by adding to the deposit status column whether it is completed, waiting for confirmation, or in the process of deposit.

  • Order Amount: Detail the report by adding to the order amount column paid for each order.

  • Fulfillment Status: Specifies the report by adding a column of fulfillment status whether it has been fulfilled, partially fulfilled, or not yet fulfilled.

  • Payout Status: Detailing the report by adding the payment status column whether it has been paid, not yet paid, partly paid, refunded, and partly refunded.

  • Total Items: Detail the report by adding a status column for the number of products purchased in each order.

  • Customer Country: Specifies the country in which the customer makes the order.

  • Customer City: Specifies the city where the customer makes an order.

  • Customer State: Specifies the state in which the customer placed the order.

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