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Applying Promotions to Specific Customers
Applying Promotions to Specific Customers

This article will explain how to set up the application of the promotion to everyone, selected customers or selected customer groups

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You can arrange who are entitled the promotion, whether to everyone, selected customers, or selected customer groups / groups. You can change this condition in the Customer Eligibility Settings section.

Please select the type of customer in the information Can be used by to determine which customers can get a promotion. There are three types of application promotions for customers:


The promotion applies to all customers you have. Even unregistered customers can use this discount code.

Selected Customers

These promotions only apply to customers of your choice. If you choose this type, you'll find a new form for selecting specific customers who can use the promotion.

Selected Customer Groups / Groups

The promotion will be applied to the Customer Group that you choose. If you choose this type, you will find a new form to select certain Customer Groups that may use the Promotion.

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