Usage Limits and Date Range
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Restrictions on Use of Discounts

In the previous article, you have explained how to apply promotions to certain customers. In this article you will explain how to limit the usage and time span of the discount. You can set the number of times the Discount can be used as well as the usage limits of the Discount for per Customer. You can see the restrictions on the use of discounts in the image below.

In the picture above, you specify that the Discount can only be used 25 times. If the box in the bottom column is checked, then one Customer can only use the Discount one time using the same email.

Date Range Settings

You can also set when the Discount is active and how long the discount is valid. You can set the Date Range in the panel marked with a red box like the image below.

Set the Discount Term

In the same panel, you will find information about the Start Date to set the validity period.

If you activate the No Expiry option, the Discount Code that you create will be valid forever until the Discount Code is deleted or has an Inactive status.

If the No Expiry option is turned off, then you can specify the validity period when the Discount Code will expire.

Determine the Discount Day Valid

You can also determine the Discount Code that is used periodically on certain days by selecting the desired day. This can be done in the "Valid at" section.

Determining the Applicable Range of Times for Discount

You can also specify when the Discount Code can be used. Select "Add More Time" and you will find the time setting when the Discount Code is valid in the selected day.

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