Discount Conditions
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The Condition Panel explains the rules or conditions of the discount that you made. In this article, you will find out how to fill the discount conditions that we have provided.

Type Conditions

At the beginning of the Discount Conditions, you will be asked to enter the Conditions Type to be applied to the Discount. Discount type is divided into 2:

By Amount

The first type of discount is to cut the price by a nominal amount directly.

In the picture above we can see that the price cut or discount applied is a nominal amount of Rp 25,000.

By %

The second type of discount is to cut the price by a percentage amount. This percentage can be from the total order or product price, depending on your settings. You can also set the maximum discount amount of the price given when cutting by percentage.

We can see in the image above that the amount of discount given is 25% of the price of the product by the number of maximum discount of Rp 25,000. If the product price is Rp 200,000, then the application of the discount code with the conditions above, the deduction obtained is Rp 25,000.

Conditions for Application of Discounts

You can determine where the Discount can be applied. There are several discount implementation options that you can choose from:

All Orders

The first choice is All Orders, which means the discount can be used for all orders.

Orders Over

The second option is Orders Over, which means the discount can only be used for orders exceeding the specified total order amount.


The next choice is Collection where the discount can only be used for products that are in the Collection that you choose.


As with Collections, if you choose a Product, the discount can only be used for 1 product that you have chosen.

Product Variant

If you choose the Product Variant option, it can only be used for 1 product variant that you have chosen.

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